A good reminder…


A quick read and a good reminder from Rebecca Solnit. I love what she says about the difference between hope and optimism.

7 comments on “A good reminder…”

  1. I love Rebecca Solnit. Thank you for the reference; the piece was great. I was lucky to attend a wonderful zoom program via Upaya, and RS gave her presentation from her home sitting in front of the picture of the black swan that she talks about in this article. She talked about its meaning in her presentation. The black swan is a wonderful symbol. I love how RS fine-tunes the definition of hope. My ballot is ready to go in an official drop box.

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      1. I voted last week, too, just as soon as I could get my hands on a mail-in ballot. I was sorry I didn’t think to take a selfie of my hand dropping it in the mailbox. I felt such emotion!

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  2. I have always voted, but I have never felt my vote was this critical for the future of the country and the world/planet. It is emotional on so many levels.

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