The Forty-Year-Old Version


I watched this comedy on Netflix. Writer, director and star Radha Blank won the top directing prize at Sundance for her film. The headline from a Guardian Review ( calls the film “razor-sharp satire.” The reviewer goes on to report that, “It’s a sharply observed comment on the ways women of colour are encouraged to contort their creativity in order to be consumed by white audiences.” The film is both funny and thought- provoking. When diverse voices struggle and succeed to break through and give me the opportunity to hear what they have to say, I always benefit. Authentic art has power to transform.

4 comments on “The Forty-Year-Old Version”

  1. I just finished the second half– what a treat. I got to go back to NYC a bit.

    Watching this also made me consider how the male/female paradigm plays a role in artistic censorship as well. How often are women adapting their art for the male, patriarchal world?

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