The Last Remnants of Summer


Turning the garden today and finding lots of jewels and gems. How are you all out there?

11 comments on “The Last Remnants of Summer”

  1. What wealth for November! Lost much of the garden here when it was 17 F in early Oct. Single digits a few days later got the rest…

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  2. What a lovely crop. A perfect photo for Halloween weekend. I wish I could reach in the bowl and take a handful of fresh tomatoes.

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  3. A still life. The virtual docent training session yesterday morning was on this subject. Slides of gorgeous Dutch paintings, Italian, and then Spanish. Spanish artists often brought up the rear in trends but, my goodness, have you ever seen a Cotán still life?
    The Meadows, unfortunately, does not have one of his paintings. It does, though, have a still life painting of a decapitated ram’s head next to the ram’s testicles by an unknown artist. Best not to know. I don’t use this one on my tours, I must say.

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    1. Two beautiful paintings. Is suspending fruits and vegetables on strings unique to this artist? For me, that added a sense of magic to the compositions.

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      1. Barbara, I haven’t seen that suspension technique in other artists’ still life paintings, not that I’ve spent that much time looking at them. I agree that it adds so much to his compositions.

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  4. Doing OK! Thanks for sharing the bounty 🙂 Our seasonal garden is just starting, and we are focusing on lots of greens. photos to come when the plants are a bit bigger than just sprouts. We both have the covid, so we are just sleeping a lot. How is everyone else out there?

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    1. Oh my gosh. COVID. My jaw dropped when I read this. Do take good, good care of yourselves. The wave in Dallas is regathering strength for the second time, and in our household we continue to lay low. Thanks for asking & let us know how you’re doing.

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    2. I’m so sorry you are both ill. Please keep us posted. You will be in my thoughts as you recover. Take good care of yourselves. I am trying to comprehend the close election results. I was naive to think there would be a clear winner. It shows how much healing is needed. COVID cases are on the rise in my county because Penn State brought students back to campus. I’m an extravert so staying pretty isolated from personal contact with others is hard but necessary. I am grateful for the online community this blog provides.

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