A longish essay from Orion mag but so worth your time and thoughts. Enjoy. ❤

7 comments on “ON SILENCE AND SOUND…”

  1. Thank you, Julie. Our lives would be the lesser without this band of sisters reaching out to each other with that which touches them. I loved reading this, loved thinking about human busyness letting up for a minute to give peace/nature a chance. By happenstance, I had just listened to a person who studies the calls of a certain kind of sparrow in the SF area talk about her surprise in the change of pitch during the shutdown. The sparrows could lower their voices and, what’s more, could hear one another respond. It’s a relief not to need to yell.

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  2. I read about this also, Teri, though I cannot remember where. And yes, I love how we enrich each other’s lives and thinking.

    I really loved this essay. I loved pondering the change in timbre of a raindrop, depending on what it contacts. I loved pondering changing the tone of a rivulet by removing a pebble; the sonic difference between water running over stones and tree roots and water running through silt and mud. And I loved, really loved, imagining one square inch of silence. Ahhhh…

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    1. I have this article open in a tab, and whenever I take breaks from grading experimental designs I read a few sentences and am thoroughly enjoying it. We are all reading together! I love it ❤

      Following the moon has been a lifelong way to connect with nature freely — none of our own doing!

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