Starting an OBR garden Project


To make a garden grow is to love.
To keep a community alive is to love.
Create and grow gardens.
Dance in them.
Raise the Vibration with your hands and bodies.

One Billion Rising is a movement standing up against Gender Based Violence and all violence and I have been participating in it since 2017. Every year there is a theme in addition to ending violence. This year the theme is “Rising Gardens” and since I have been involved with lots of gardening for about 13 years I get to take a lead in Nepal, help organize a film festival for the regional South Asia group, and recently in a meeting, V (Formerly Eve Ensler, an amazing playwright and author and the main founder of the movement) asked if I would make a 10 step beginner guide to container gardening for the whole international movement! This is a huge deal as this is a global movement with 200 nations participating!

Here is a very inspirational write up about Rising Gardens

So, I am beginning my work and came up with a very rough draft for a 10 step cycle of what a container garden involves, and it is designed to hopefully be applicable in any climate. Luckily I have some artist friends here in Nepal who are keen to interpret my scribblings into a gorgeous piece that somehow involves the earth being birthed by a woman and then also giving birth to a woman??? Not sure what they are doing exactly, but it sounds on point. We decided that the group of artists will follow a concept which my main Art collaborator will design and then from then on there will not be much group censorship of individual contributions. So people can’t mess with the garden instructions although they can add to it, and no one’s art is going to be over-directed either.

So, here is my basic draft, and if anyone wants to riff on it or make corrections to flawed logic be my guest! I need to add some fermented urine or compost juice fertilizer as a care method to #8 and I need to add harvest of seeds and fruits to #9, and fill out nuances of all the steps, but so far I am happy with my 10 step cycle.

7 comments on “Starting an OBR garden Project”

  1. Congrats, Leslie, on getting this big nod from OBR. Eve Ensler is amazing. How cool is that? Glad to know you’re gonna help out the gardening-challenged. We don’t know what the heck we’re doing.

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  2. How exciting! Like Teri, I am gardening-challenged. I can hardly wait to see your finished project. Plus now I feel like I almost personally know V. She’s one of my heroes! Her work with V-Day, One Billion Rising and The City of Joy in Democratic Republic Of Congo is so inspiring. I’ll never forget seeing “The Vagina Monologues.” It was way ahead of its time!

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    1. Yep. I remember sitting in the audience at “The Vagina Monologues” vividly, though it was long ago. It was really something for Dallas.

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  3. Leslie, this is so awesome, so inspiring. What a fabulous project to be involved in. I hope we get the opportunity to watch it take shape. I think you are off to a great start.

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