The Black Atlantic in the Age of Black Lives Matter


This event tomorrow is worth sharing. I cannot attend am hoping to hear about it or watch a recording…

Here is a link to the registration:

6 comments on “The Black Atlantic in the Age of Black Lives Matter”

  1. Thanks, Alison. I have never heard of Black Atlantic Studies. This seems like it would be a deep dive for a beginner. I wish I had boundless intellectual energy!

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  2. I listened to the panel discussion and loved meeting your friend Yesenia via zoom (that’s what pushed me to listen.) If you communicate with her, tell her I thought she did a great job. I have not read Gilroy’s book (something to add to my list), and I had not listened to the talks in advance. It was still a very thought provoking hour and a half. I especially found Professor Batraville’s thoughts insightful. I also need to learn about Phillis Wheatley. Thanks, B.

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    1. Honored you made it – I did not but signed up so hopefully will receive a recording. If you dig Gilroy, I’d also recommend Michael Taussig’s Law in a Lawless Land as well — the macro-lens, being inclusive with examination, introspection, is so important.

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    2. Well, that connection with Yesenia is cool, Borkali. Barbara, I was able to watch the video talks in advance but not all of the session itself. So, there we are: two halves making…something. I thought the talk about Phyllis Wheatley was excellent, so if you (or anyone else) get a chance, do watch it!

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