“An Introduction to Nameless Love” (Jonathan Berger)

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I just came across a piece in The New Yorker about this exhibition at Participant Inc.–both a work of art and a curatorial project. “…Berger shares the lives of others. In this case, the subject are six people who have found life-altering connections beyond the you-complete-me clichés of romance, including the autistic philosopher Mark Utter, the turtle conservationist Richard Ogust, and Maria A. Prado, who once lived in a homeless enclave beneath New York City. Their stories are spelled out in thirty-three thousand hand-cut tin letters suspended on nickel wire, shimmering planes that can turn the act of reading into a full-body experience.”

Here’s a link: http://participantinc.org/seasons/season-18/an-introduction-to-nameless-love

Go down the page to find out the details and down, down, down the page to find many photographs.

1 comments on ““An Introduction to Nameless Love” (Jonathan Berger)”

  1. Teri, I am just fascinated by this project. On so many levels. Language as sculpture. Narrative as sculpture. The investigation of what love is, can be, the shapes it takes. The mystery of it all. I would love to wander this installation. So much to ponder.

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