Steve Martin on Interpreting Abstract Art


This was fun to watch:

I also can’t help but draw the parallel here to poetry, the concept of iteration in learning, meta-cognition, etc.

Living in NYC, I went to the Museum of Natural History every weekend for a solid year. One of many iterative endeavors. I can still give a pretty robust tour of the major highlights. This brought me home, for just a moment.

2 comments on “Steve Martin on Interpreting Abstract Art”

  1. We call one of the tours for the younger students “Learning to Look” but everyone can benefit from it. There are paintings and sculptures in the museum that get little attention that I have gotten much pleasure from time spent with them and on them. As for Steve Martin’s experience, Picasso, after having given “abstract” art a try said there is no such thing because everything comes from something.

    And yes to the poetry connection.

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  2. I really enjoyed this, borkali. Loved watching his perception change. Love what he said about theory. Loved the openness of the images, the viewers openness in interacting with them. And yes, too, to the poetry connection.

    And one more thing, that suit! That aubergine suit with that herb colored shirt! Delicious…


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