The Outlook for Earthlings by Joan Frank


I hosted Joan Frank on Meraki Radio: Perspectives after reading her most recent book, The Outlook for Earthlings. The book is about two female friends and their different paths in life, their varying philosophies on how to live. Mel is insular, perhaps pathologically so, and Scarlet is flippant and feeling– verbal. The story ebbs through the lifespan, chapters titled with years to orient the reader. Mel has an incurable illness and this creates a tension in the story — an inevitability of sorts. The story is largely based in Sacramento, as Joan Frank is a UC Davis alum and local, living in Santa Rosa.

The show airs Tuesday April 6th at 12:30pm PST on KDRT 95.7FM in Davis, CA and streaming at After that, you’ll be able to find the full interview with Joan here:

I had Joan on the show last year regarding her book, Try to Get Lost, which is a collection of essays about travel.

I encourage you to go ahead and read this book when you have time — as Joan says, there are unsolvable problems presented yet real ones that I think we all can recognize from our own unique perspectives and life experiences.

4 comments on “The Outlook for Earthlings by Joan Frank”

  1. Well, I love the title and will definitely have to tune in. Thanks. And thank you for reminding me to look for How To Be Lost. I had that on a list somewhere…

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    1. It’s a special delight to read books written by someone you at least have met (virtually) a few times — it motivates me to read closer.

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  2. Thanks for the heads-up on this upcoming episode of your show, Borkali. “Earthling” is an identifier which is universally applicable, and not just to the human inhabitants of our planet. I like it.


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