HUMANKIND A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman


All these months later, I’ve gotten my copy from the library! 🙂 I’m using my ‘recommended by library staff’ box for bingo, which may be a stretch but hey, thems the non-rules 😉

Open Arts Spring 2023

I needed to read this book. I really did. Bregman takes up the long running conversation around whether humanity, as a species, is good or bad at the core. Are we evil, self serving, barbaric, held barely in check by the veneer of civilization? Or are we in fact motivated by grace, community, love? Bregman posits that, in fact, we good and kind and presents a wealth of studies and examples that demonstrate why he believes, intrinsically, that this is true. He even dives into our darkest moments in history to explain how good people can do bad things. A tough subject, but this book is an easy read, conversational almost. And the author’s positive attitude is contagious.

He also writes about what is possible if we are willing to move forward with an attitude of goodness, and gives examples that show how it can, and has, worked. All in…

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