Poem of the Day: Pluto Shits on the Universe by Fatimah Asghar


On February 7, 1979, Pluto crossed over Neptune’s orbit and became the eighth planet from the sun for twenty years. A study in 1988 determined that Pluto’s path of orbit could never be accurately predicted. Labeled as “chaotic,” Pluto was later discredited from planet status in 2006.

Today, I broke your solar system. Oops.
My bad. Your graph said I was supposed
to make a nice little loop around the sun.


I chaos like a motherfucker. Ain’t no one can
chart me. All the other planets, they think
I’m annoying. They think I’m an escaped
moon, running free.

Fuck your moon. Fuck your solar system.
Fuck your time. Your year? Your year ain’t
shit but a day to me. I could spend your
whole year turning the winds in my bed. Thinking
about rings and how Jupiter should just pussy
on up and marry me by now. Your day?

That’s an asswipe. A sniffle. Your whole day
is barely the start of my sunset.

My name means hell, bitch. I am hell, bitch. All the cold
you have yet to feel. Chaos like a motherfucker.
And you tried to order me. Called me ninth.
Somewhere in the mess of graphs and math and compass
you tried to make me follow rules. Rules? Fuck your
rules. Neptune, that bitch slow. And I deserve all the sun
I can get, and all the blue-gold sky I want around me.

It is February 7th, 1979 and my skin is more
copper than any sky will ever be. More metal.
Neptune is bitch-sobbing in my rearview,
and I got my running shoes on and all this sky that’s all mine.

Fuck your order. Fuck your time. I realigned the cosmos.
I chaosed all the hell you have yet to feel. Now all your kids
in the classrooms, they confused. All their clocks:
wrong. They don’t even know what the fuck to do.
They gotta memorize new songs and shit. And the other
planets, I fucked their orbits. I shook the sky. Chaos like
a motherfucker.

It is February 7th, 1979. The sky is blue-gold:
the freedom of possibility.

Today, I broke your solar system. Oops. My bad.

Source: Poetry (April 2015)

6 comments on “Poem of the Day: Pluto Shits on the Universe by Fatimah Asghar”

  1. I identify with Asghar’s thoughts and feelings. What colorful “wake up and see me as I am so you can see your own true self!” language.

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  2. Yes, yes, yes! I loved reading this. Love the anarchy, the shake up, the reminder that just because we think a thing is a certain way, doesn’t mean that it is. The foibles of human classification, categorization, naming, everything.

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    1. In my advanced nutrient metabolism course, I always try to instill in my learners– we name things based on what WE SEE, not on what the enzyme might actually do, or the receptor may actually bind…

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      1. Oh yes, write it. As to vision, oh my. I think we tend to only see what we understand, according to a specific set of parameters. Not to mention the actual physical limitations of human vision. And then, and then there is the phenomena that once we name something, once we describe it, we are blind to that which does not fit within that description. Am I repeating myself here? Perhaps. It is clearly something I have strong feelings about.

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