“The Democracy of Abstraction,” an article by John Yau


This review of an exhibition of work by the artist Thomas Nozkowski gave me such pleasure. What beautiful reproductions, too!

8 comments on ““The Democracy of Abstraction,” an article by John Yau”

  1. I really enjoyed the review and a virtual look at Nozkowski’s work. While I know little to nothing about abstract art or Beat poetry (which I am learning about in ModPo this week), I can see connections between the two. Thanks to your post, I now know abstract art and Beat poetry both came on the scene in the post-war 1940s.

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    1. Barbara, John Yau shows up in ModPo PLUS as a poet, with his poem about Jackson Pollock! 830 Fireplace Road, if I’m not mistaken but I could have that address wrong. 🙂

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  2. Teri, I too relished this review by John Yau when I read it at Hyperallergic. And Nozkowki’s work really knocked me out. In exploring his work further I found him fascinating. Loved how boundaryless his work feels. And love the small scale. I found a company producing a hand knotted, made in Nepal, wool rug of one of his pieces that was just exquisite. Will see if I can scare up that link.

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      1. Like, Like, Like this website, JNaz. So much more than just images (which are great). Thanks for scaring it up!

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    1. Agree, borkali. It satisfies on so many levels – color, texture, movement. I find myself transfixed.


    2. I so agree, Borkali. The black & white section puts me in mind of Keith Haring’s work. But, oh, the color!


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