yet another gift from AEON


This brief video just enchanted me. The man, the story, the art! I find myself deeply attracted to this work. I have always loved lists, catalogues, field guides of any kind, anything that involves visual discernment. Blackstock’s work takes it to a whole new level. Especially when one considers the breadth of it! WWII aircraft, sure. Barns, ok. But trowels? Artichokes? Carrots? Clearly, an utter fascination with the world and all things in it.

Watch this, please. It will make you smile.

3 comments on “yet another gift from AEON”

  1. I’m obviously woefully behind on reading our blog, but love this sooo much. Excited to say that I have a copy of Blackstock’s Collections coming to me from the library! Wow. I daresay I would have agreed with Gregory at the gallery that his work was better than the work in the front room.

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    1. Teri, I am so glad you found your way to this. And loved it as much as I did. I put the book on my wish list but didn’t think to check the library. Doing so now.

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