Art As Activism; Activism As Art–Continued


I thought I would share information about this free program that promotes the important idea that art and activism are related–an idea I see reflected in many of the posts on this blog. Here’s a description of the event:

“At this year’s Art & Activism titled “Our House: Claiming ‘Home’ through Art and Design” numerous artists across various disciplines convey their visions reflecting the issues society faces. We will spend the evening hearing from artists who addressed how fallow buildings could be re-purposed for creatives in desperate need of affordable living spaces, an accomplished nonprofit leader creating space through community design, an artist-activist working with indigenous communities to save the Amazon utilizing performance art, and high school students expressing themselves about the ever-present threat of climate change through the art of animation. It will be a fascinating evening of presentation and discussion.”

The program is live in NYC but also available virtually: The website is worth exploring.

I love it that the program includes the work of high school students.

2 comments on “Art As Activism; Activism As Art–Continued”

  1. Coincidentally, right after I posted the above informaton, I read an article in The Nation magazine, “Art at the Border of Power and Ecology,” a clear example of activism and art teaming up. The article raised lots of issues about how those who can give voice to the voiceless can also really get it wrong. The very same issues that caught my attention in the autism film by the Bergmans.

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