After reading several essays on ecological degradation at local and planetary scales earlier today, I came upon this piece from Orion. A reminder that given a chance, natural systems can heal and reclaim vitality. Given a chance, again, life finds a way.

4 comments on “HOPE…”

  1. I’m glad there is a way to rent the documentary. I’d like to watch the entire film. It is clear from all I read–fiction and nonfiction–that life is regenerative. I am confident nature will regain her balance. My hope is that the human imagination inspires action that plays a supporting role in the process. This story is a needed reminder that years of action grounded in human hope (against great odds) can lead to restoration and new life. Good news!

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    1. Yes, Barbara, I intend to watch it also. I spent some time on the Elwha a number of years ago. There are hot springs in the area I used to visit regularly, below the dam. Beautiful country.

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    1. Thank you for this link, Barbara. I found this brief article inspiring. What an important internal exercise. Such a good reminder that, while science and action are critical in solving the climate crisis, our internal dialogues shape our external actions. We need to care. It needs to matter.


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