Why John Yau is my favorite art reviewer…


Here is another fabulous review by John Yau. I find this sculpture both intellectually and visually intriguing, and that intrigue is heightened by Yau’s review. The way he completely opens himself – in every way – to looking at art always inspires me. Here is John Yau at his best –

The result is mystifying. I sensed that it was based on something Simpson saw, but I had no idea what, nor did it matter in the end. The fact that it eluded definition was one of the reasons I kept walking around the piece

2 comments on “Why John Yau is my favorite art reviewer…”

  1. Diane Simpson’s work is lovely and the review gave me lots to think about. As I viewed Simpson’s work and read how she constructs her sculpture, I became aware of how “simple” and “complex” are not necessarily opposites. Perhaps that is what art can do–blur some of the sharp edges that everyday language can unconsciously impose.

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