Richard Powers’s Radical Parenting Lessons by Joshua Adams


Here’s an interesting Nation article about Richard Power’s new novel Bewilderment. I am still reading Overstory. It is taking me awhile. It is a wonderful read, but living out the end of my life on a planet that has such an uncertain future makes it, at the same time, a very difficult read for me.

2 comments on “Richard Powers’s Radical Parenting Lessons by Joshua Adams”

  1. thanks for sharing this, Barbara. Many interesting thoughts here re what it is to parent a child. Bewilderment still sits next to my laptop. I feel its pull to be read but finishing a few other books first. I get what you are saying about Overstory. It is not a book to breeze through, to be sure. But I am glad that you are reading it.

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  2. Bewilderment is still on reserve for me. Lots of books are coming off that list at about the same time so I’m just as happy to have this one wait awhile.

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