My Friend Francis


I visited Francis today and checked the archive to find the last time he was on the air with me was October 25th 2019. Here’s a link: Alison B, Deema & Francis Cover Experience with Uniforms, the Demands of Protesters in Beirut, and America at Large

I vividly remember talking about color with Francis that day.

And when I found out Francis died, it was Nov 1st – while on the air midway through the show – you can hear that over here: Meraki Meets Mourning: RIP Francis Resta

He died on Halloween 2019 — he was collecting wood in his beat up black wheelbarrow. I put the piece of wood nearby his headstone shortly after he died.

Missing my friend and remembering how lucky I am to have had him as part of my life during the last years of his.

5 comments on “My Friend Francis”

  1. I am so glad I listened to you interview Francis before he died. I was especially moved when he shared about his experiences in the heat of battle during WWII. As I remember, he came away from his wartime experiences believing that war can never really be the solution to our problems–the cost is too high. I am glad he was your dear friend, and I’m sure he felt fortunate to know you. I am also grateful that I know Francis through you. Thank you for helping me remember him near the anniversary of his death.

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  2. borkali, thank you. Thank you for sharing Francis with us. What a gift to know him, through you. Will make some time to tune in. The piece of wood, oh…

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  3. Alison, I loved listening to you and Francis talk. What glorious photographs! And, yes, that piece of wood and the meaning behind it…

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