Learning about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) & art


Just wow– a whole new world…


Digital art– Paris Hilton, gotta say, surprises abound–

6 comments on “Learning about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) & art”

  1. Wow, just wow, is right. I cannot say I more clearly understand NFT’s and/or cryptocurrency – hard to get my mind around something I cannot seetastetouchsmellhear – but my mind has most certainly been blown.

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  2. I’ve been casually following this development which is, indeed, mind-bending. I read or listened to something a while back in which someone pointed out that this is all about making a market in which Bitcoin can be used as currency. So, I’m thinking of it as a new form of internet; we thought it would do such great things but then… What does the purchaser of an NFT actually have that anyone else doesn’t? Something that can be sold. Speculation. I hate the amount of energy burned up by blockchain technology.

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    1. I am captivated re your thinking on this, Teri. Especially “…something that can be sold.” It really does seem to be the crux of it, something that can be commodified. That seems to be going the wrong direction to me. As to the amount of energy burned, well that is simply unconscionable.

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