Francis Lives On: A 2-Part Interview with SGM Denver D. Dill


Meraki Radio continues and sometimes magic happens. Sergeant Major Denver D. Dill emailed me after listening to the archives and learning about Francis Resta, my former co-host and friend. Denver D. Dill was researching Francis’s father, Francis Resta, who was West Point Band’s Commander — a position that was sought after by over 400 applicants. The dude was no joke.

Denver’s conversation is dynamic and interesting. So much so that we produced two shows in one sitting, which aired over the last few weeks. I’ll encourage you to check them out if you wish to learn more. I’m also going to post a YouTube video that is super compelling where Denver gives a keynote address as well as his profile at West Point.

More on Denver:


Meraki Radio Interview Part 1:

Meraki Radio Interview Part 2:

2 comments on “Francis Lives On: A 2-Part Interview with SGM Denver D. Dill”

  1. Thanks, Carol – I would love to get his thoughts on the Ukraine situation — I think Denver will be back on Meraki when the time is right. Thanks for your support and tuning in ❤


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