All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson


This is one of the many books being banned in several states in the USA. I was happy to see it was quickly available at my library and picked it up to read over a beach weekend.

I am about halfway through but felt I should post before I finish, since it’s that good! The memoir is written for teens but is well written and makes a lot of conversations more accessible. I’ve learned a lot about the n-word and how people’s names can change over time.

The writing is conversational and the stories are real, unique and raw. On the back cover it says be BOLD and BRAVE and QUEER.

I saw an interview on DemocracyNow! with Johnson that informed me about this important new read that is under threat:

I encourage you to pick this up from the library if you can —

2 comments on “All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson”

  1. I also saw the interviews with George Johnson and Art Spiegelman who wrote Maus (also under threat). The good news is a book ban increases sales😊! I was glad to see my library owns both All Boys Aren’t Blue and Maus.

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    1. I went straight to my public library online catalog to see if this book is there, borkali, but it is down right now. Will check again later. Barbara, Maus is one of my favorite books, as is The Bluest Eye, both on the TX hitlist. What gets my back even further up is when public officials refer to books as pornographic.

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