Attica and Mission Joy

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I watched the Academy Award nominated documentary Attica which is free as part of Black History Month. I knew about the 1971 rebellion inside Attica, but I never realized how brutal it truly was. It is extremely hard to watch; the film is a very graphic history lesson. It certainly deserves an Oscar! A warning–it is not for the feint of heart. Watch at:

In contrast, Mission Joy “is an enlightening, peek-behind-the curtain, 90-minute documentary built around an historic 5-day meeting between two of the world’s most consequential spiritual leaders – His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Born a world apart, both Nobel Laureates, the two men, one a Buddhist the other Christian, met here to celebrate their improbable friendship and share their hard-won wisdom about a wide range of issues from love, karma, guilt, and forgiveness to joy, faith, meditation and reincarnation.” It is available free until Feb. 22 at

We are certainly a complex species!

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