These images are so cool, I just had to share them with someone…

6 comments on “SO MANY LAYERS…”

  1. My dad reminded me of a memory when I was in high school my friend senia and I started the student social action coalition (SSAC) and about 10 people joined – we wanted $$ to go to the protest against Iraq war in Feb 2003 so I asked my dad to take me to Costco and I bought bottled water and candy and set up a shop outside of a basketball game at high school. Made a bunch of money and took everyone on the bus with the cash. Reminded me of these fotos and brought me back here —

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    1. borkali, I love that these images tied into that memory. Which is an awesome one. Even then you were putting yourself out there, standing up and giving a voice to what mattered. No surprise there. And kudos to your father for facilitating that.


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