Sketching our Village


Our village is called Nalang and it is in Dhading district, and you can see our land location at the pindrop below

27°52’31.8″N 84°52’13.7″E

I was a bit stressed out last week, so I closed my eyes and took myself mentally to the village. We will be building our house there but have not visited the remote place since March due to the muddy road during monsoon. Next year we just won’t go anywhere during monsoon.

I felt the warm breath of the sun-kissed soil embracing me in it’s little wind eddies and felt myself inadvertently take a deep belly breath. A reactionary smile curled gently on my lips, and The Stress melted as if it too felt the breeze, heard the spring leaves attempt to rustle despite their small fuzzy size, saw the blue tint of the world that comes after closing one’s eyes in the sun.

I decided to sketch a photo of the village taken from the huge tree halfway between our land and our neighbor-friends’ house. I imagine in the future I will tell Akash and Joanna, “meet you at the bar-peepil trees.”

Bar tree and peepil tree are often planted beside one another when planted on purpose. Buddha is said to have been enlightened under one of the two trees, but nobody knows for sure because they are usually planted together.

You can see approximately where our house will go in the upper right hand corner where there is a little shack. It is far from intact, but we can use the stones. We will have a stone house about 400-500sq ft footprint. And a tiny guest cottage with a bunkbed, a hot plate and kettle, and a bathroom. We have a little more than 1 acre.

Hope to see you all there, one day!

Nalang village, Sidhalekh Gaunpalika, Dhading district, Bagmati province (province#3), Nepal. March, 2022. By Leslie Melnyk

5 comments on “Sketching our Village”

  1. Thank you for your lovely verbal and pencil sketches. Now your dream is in my imagination too. Keep us posted as you make it come true. Hope lies in dreaming….Your words and images leave me uplifted.

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      1. I was discouraged in art class at a young age, but I have always wanted to draw. I have no natural talent, but I have worked with a book from time to time, Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain (I’m very left brianed!). The author’s exercises are perfect for me–but hard. The lesson that let me know I could learn to draw was copying a sketch in the book that I thought was meaningless. On the next page, I was instructed to turn my drawing up side down. I had drawn a figure reclining on a on a chaise lounge–and it was very good (for me). It’s hard for my left brain to let go and let my right brain lead; I draw what I think (that doesn’t work) instead of what I see if the object I’m drawing is meaningful. That’s a long answer, but isn’t the brain fascinating.

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  2. Always wonderful to hear from you, Leslie. Wish I could meet you at the bar-peepil trees. What a glorious setting! I was reminded that someone once said the best way to fully enjoy a piece of art is to sketch it because you must pay attention to every detail.

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