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Eula Biss is a wonder. She teases out the history and ethics of capitalism – what is it, really? – of work and labor, of art and making art, all told through the lens of every day experience; of living and being and parenting and partnering and working and making and loving. She explores what it means to live an ethical life while trying to live one, while trying to create space for making art in the midst of striving for some financial security. She is an intelligent, thought provoking writer. The book is written in brief chapters so, even as she excavates some pretty complex ideas, it is very readable.

I listened to the book and the reader was perfect for the material. This book is deeply engaging and I find her ideas lingering long after turning that last page. I have been quiet here, even though I have read and listened to many books these last months, just couldn’t find the space in my brain to write about them. But I didn’t want this one to be missed. It is that good and that important.

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