Baby by Patricia MacLachlan

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A young adult novel that is for all of us. Baby not only is a great story but features poetry– including Edna St Vincent Millay and William Carlos Williams. Tap dancing, beaches and a baby, Sophie, left by her mother with a close-knit island family for a few seasons. Everyone is touched by Sophie and she grows and learns to speak and walk during this time. Neighbor Dave gave me this book and told me it would make me cry, which was accurate. Enjoy this read when you have a few hours — it won’t take long and your heartstrings will be stronger for it.

1 comments on “Baby by Patricia MacLachlan”

  1. Oh, borkali, this sounds wonderful. Seems like neighbor Dave never steers you wrong. Went straight to my library website and, while they have pages of Patricia MacLachlan books, they do not have this one. May put in an order request. I did, however, check out an audiobook by her called The Poet’s Dog. I mean, how could I not?


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