Author: JNaz

The Soul of a Tree, a woodworker’s reflections, by George Nakashima

  What an engrossing book! Part philosophy, part cultural history, an intriguing walk through the mind of a man who was one of the preeminent designers and furniture makers of the 20th century. Filled with photographs and beautiful sketches of trees/wood/tools, Nakashima shares his personal history and beliefs alongside his approach to, and reverence for,

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An Admission…..

Have been barely present here, have been going so many directions. Even though I have not been particularly vocal, I always check in. Has been some interesting reading going on here. I have been physically, mentally, emotionally busy. Have had my hands on numerous books, gleaning. Have been perusing Horizons, by Barry Lopez; Jim Harrison,

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I am reading NEVER A LOVELY SO REAL, The Life and Work of NELSON ALGREN, by Colin Asher, and it has been been riveting, engrossing. Colin Asher is a wonderful writer – concise, descriptive, detailed, passionate about his subject. An incredibly well researched biography – not a genre I commonly gravitate toward – this one

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