Optic Nerve by María Gainza

The Meadows Museum Education Dept. has created a new online opportunity: monthly Book Club! Right up the old alley. Their first two selections are Optic Nerve (Gainza) and The Atocha Station (Ben Lerner). The Atocha Station has been selected, I assume, primarily for its being set in Spain. There is a vivid art museum scene

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A Squash in the Brown Study

I think the art is doing well as nature has provided another beautiful volunteer at the base of “Was it worth it?” — the garden is such a productive audience! It’s easy to escape some of the horrors this week when I lean into the season – I hope the colors help.

White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

I was introduced to this book during an OnBeing interview with the author. The interview was very thought provoking and motivated me to read White Fragility. DiAngelo writes for a White audience. She is an experienced diversity workshop facilitator, and she and her colleagues work primarily with corporations and educational institutions. White Fragility is a

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Trapped in smoke – with so much of the west on fire – no sky, no stars, no distance. We are in a murky gray bubble, a smudged sphere, and I keep coming back to this piece I read in Orion magazine a few months ago. I have linked it here previously – Brilliant Forests,

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