3 weeks left, technically


Hello reader friends! The challenge is more than half way, and there are 3 weeks left before January 30th. However, the blog will still be open so you can post long after the “deadline” or never– it’s up to you! I hope you are enjoying it so far.

I would love some suggestions for the next reading challenge if you have them. I am not sure when the next one will be- should we do a Spring one, or just wait until Summer?

Also, if you have other friends who would like to join, please feel free to invite them. Send them my way by email or carrier pigeon– happy to have more people on board!

Lastly, I gave away my copy of one of the books I was supposed to read for the challenge, but I was given a book while I was on holiday in Europe by a friend of mine in Prague. I will be subbing that in instead! If you are not enjoying a book or are unable to find one you have on your list, feel free to stop and swap, too!

All the best, Alison

4 comments on “3 weeks left, technically”

  1. I’d vote for a spring challenge–with all this reading momentum that I’ve built up, I don’t want to stop! Plus books keep sneaking into my house and are begging me to read them too!


  2. Why not spring and summer? Though I would suggest if we do another winter, we do it after the holidays. They really got in the way of my reading during this challenge. I mean, that and it’s possible that Gabe and I started watching Supernatural on Netflix so that’s taken away a LOT of our productive time LOL


    1. I agree with you about the winter- I think we should have started in January after the holidaze!!!

      Are you saying we should do 1 in spring and 1 in summer? Or combine? I’m cool with whatev!


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