Cilantro 5 Ways


When I go to the grocery store, I try to let the price of produce / seasonality drive my choices. I am not perfect– I like a winter basket of Chilean grown blueberries like any sane person, but I try. Cilantro was 4 bunches for 1$ – that is where the story begins.

I can’t say I have ever purchased 4 bunches of cilantro at once. I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed. I looked at the avocados but passed them up. I had already grabbed strawberries, and tomatoes were on sale, too- I got as many as I could carry. I use only a basket so that I can literally only buy what I can carry.

So, today I am making a pork shoulder slow and low and using my cilantro five ways. Here is the result of my cilantro experiment:

  1. & 2. Two salsas- one traditional (tomato, onion, garlic, cilantro, lime) and one traditional + mango




3. Fruit salad (strawberry, mango, cilantro and lime)

I love using fresh herbs in fruit salads- they add such interesting dimensions. Another favorite during the late summer is watermelon + basil.

2018-05-03 13.57.31.jpg

4. Cilantro & coconut oil “chimichurri” with lime

This one was inspired by a lack of olive oil I seem to be experiencing at the moment- seems to have disappeared. I saw coconut oil and figured it might work. I like the sweetness of the coconut oil against the acid of the lime and the combo helps lift the cilantro into a new form. I will food process this before serving- now it’s just incubating. The reason it’s in a pan is because i wanted the coconut oil to be fully liquid when incorporated. Cilantro cooks very quickly so be careful when applying heat.

2018-05-03 13.49.44.jpg

5. Cilantro pomodoro sauce (tomato innards from salsa ‘waste’, half onion, half bell pepper, cheese rind from freezer (save ’em people!), splash of red wine, cilantro)

I am using this to simmer my beans in- I do not eat much refined carb, but beans are a favorite complex carb. The sauce could be used for anything- just another way to incorporate cilantro. Mission accomplished!

2018-05-03 13.49.48

After being on the road and through all kinds of adventures, feels good to be in my own kitchen makin’ food.

If you have any questions you’re welcome to post below!

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      1. That’s so nice. Wouldn’t it be great? You’re the intrepid traveler, so…come to Texas–you’re already an HT!!

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