Finders Keepers by Stephen King (Yep, still working on that trilogy)



I crawled through the second book after Mr Mercedes. With the travel and the home buying and Peace & Justice, well, sorry Mr King. I did enjoy Finders Keepers now that I’ve had the chance to read it! Thank goodness no one else at the library was itching to read this, since I renewed it 3 or 4 times.

This is the second book in the Bill Hodges Trilogy, and was the best Stephen King book I’ve read to date. I think I might actually be starting to understand this guy after all these years– I have to say, it has been worth the effort to learn how to appreciate his craft.

The story is about a writer who is murdered by one of his biggest fans– a young man who is angry about the way Rothstein’s series, Jimmy Gold, ends. The whole time I’m reading about Rothstein getting murdered in cold blood, I can’t help but wonder if Stephen King is writing about himself!

The guy murders who two friends that were with him, gets life in prison. He had stolen all Rothstein’s notebooks and buried them near a creek by his house. That’s the set up.

A young boy finds the notebooks and falls in love with Rothstein’s writing! How cool is that? In the buried trunk there is also a bunch of money. At this time, it is post recession and the father of the boy was injured in the City Center massacre (I think that’s the name) — which occurs in the first book in full detail– a maniac driving a car into a crowd of desperate unemployed people. So, there’s a connect for sure, but you could read this book as a stand alone without a problem.

Anyhow, the boy starts mailing 500$ increments to his folks, because they fight over money a lot. He does this until there is no more, and then he tries to get into selling the notebooks.

I will not belabor the story in case you ever read it- but of course, the murderer of Rothstein gets out on parole, and there is quite the interaction there! I am not one for violence, and there is some in this book, but the story itself overshadows the bloodiness on this rare occasion.

I think because it’s about a writer, and a book store, and people loving these books so much they are willing to kill for them, it really plucked at my heartstrings. Well done Stephen King!

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  1. This is so great: “Thank goodness no one else at the library was itching to read this, since I renewed it 3 or 4 times.” Hooray for libraries and books that are totally free to read! Great review, too!

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