Direct Action – George Floyd


Today my crew went downtown and spoke up for George Floyd. We used chalk, lit candles and read Allen Ginsberg’s “America” for the world to hear. RIP George Floyd.


Update – Today we went back to see the mural and the candle we left was still lit, and several more candles have been added. People have added more names and text to the sidewalk. It’s the most uplifting thing that’s happened in a while.

6 comments on “Direct Action – George Floyd”

  1. borkail, I am deeply moved by your action, by your true presence in the world. And by your willingness to put yourself out there, your willingness to manifest your outrage. Ginsberg’s “America” was indeed a fitting choice. Well read and enacted by you. I laughed, I cried. Thank you for this.

    Your unflappable assistant added a stony strength to the tableaux and the dogs, well, the dogs were so doggy. That one beautiful moment of distraction – another dog running past, a bicyclist or skateboarder – I needed that. Thank you, for all of it. I am so glad to know you. : )

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  2. Hi borkali. “Do Not Normalize This”—America, this must be corrected (my response to the question Ginsberg poses in the poem). Also, your word substitution for “that word” was beautiful.
    Thanks so much for sharing this.

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  3. What a wonderful gift you gave to those who added their own names and thoughts and even a candle to George Floyd’s Memorial. Like JNaz, I am also very glad that I know you!

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