Last night we had fun making naleśniki – Polish pancakes. We had two fillings– one is a white cheese (farmer’s cheese-like, though saltier) with onions and chives, the other is beef and tomato. You roll them up and fry them– super delicious. Of course, I had to throw in a salad 🙂

I can think of many times over the years making this simple dish all over the world. It’s simple and easy, and very delicious– can feed a large Polish dude easily!

I’m also reading a children’s book Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski that I found at a free little library near my house.

How’s your worlds?

6 comments on “Naleśniki”

  1. borkali! This looks so delish. And I love that this meal has traveled with you all over the world. And those fillings sound sooooo good. Is this a recipe you could share? I would love to try them. Simple and delicious is the best combo.

    I am sitting here eating a simple and delish breakfast. A clash of cultures, if you will – the last two slices of the polenta I made a few days ago, drizzled with chimichurri made by an Argentian grandmother. All good…

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    1. Yes- I’ll write it up and post as a comment! Thanks for asking. Your breakfast sounds super yum. I saved half of one cheese naleśniki from my dinner last night to break my fast with later this morning 😀

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    2. Kamil told a story last night of his mom trying to make naleśniki and he and his brother kept stealing the pancakes every time she made one. By the time she was done there were so few pancakes she couldn’t use much of the filling 🙂

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  2. Recipe:

    Pancake batter- 2 cups flour, 2 cups milk or diluted half n half or water, splash of oil, an egg, pinch of salt
    Mix together– test a small pancake. Needs to be thin — see picture above. We fried in some kind of fat that was in the fridge– oil fine. K prefers butter.

    Make your pancakes and set to the side – stack ’em up. We usually make 2 batches since we like to eat them for a few days.


    Beef and tomato: 1lb ground beef and 1 liter/quart of pureed tomato. We have our own in the pantry, any kind of crushed tomato is fine. Add bay leaves, paprika, a diced onion — season as you wish.

    Cheese- white cheese, Russian cheese are the best if you can find. Cottage cheese works! Sauté an onion and season well with salt and pepper. Add to cheese and season with pepper– we like ours peppery, but again, season as you like.

    Rock n Roll
    Fill your pancakes with filling– we even mixed some cheese and beef together this time, a brand new combo brought by some homegrown innovation 😉

    Heat your frying pan with oil and fry your pancakes. turn until crispy and golden brown. Takes 2 min or each side or so.

    Serve with a salad so you don’t feel too guilty. Eat until you are too full and then do it again tomorrow with the leftovers.

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  3. Thanks for sharing the memory, the photos, and the recipe! It sounds like a really fun time. Gotta try that one at home soon!

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