Color Studies in Growth & Firelight


If you want to see some photos from earlier in the year for comparison, go here. I just took a few photos in this hazy firelight outside early Wednesday morning. A couple of volunteer sunflowers guard the green sculpture and a hybrid squash plant has joined the brown study, Where are you going?. The black study (no name yet) has grown a bit– the pillow reading TODAY HAS BEEN CANCELLED feels even more real than the way I acquired it. My whole family came out for a visit to see Tom Petty in August 2017, just a few months before we lost that musical genius. Tom Petty canceled — peeps came from the East Coast to see him play and bam! no show. So we had Petty-Yolo-Mas (I live in Yolo county, also YOLO – you only live once). For this event, we all broke up separately and went to find random gifts that we then played white elephant when we all returned. My father put this pillow in the mix and I ended up with it. Bambi used it as a dog bed since then– he claimed it for unknown reasons– and once the seams busted after 2 repairs, it joins the Backyard Art Show.

I did get to see Tom Petty in Sacramento a few weeks before he died. My family went home with a story and we ended up bringing a mixed crew of friends and co-workers, all of us had never seen Petty.

Happy Open Arts 🙂 I hope to see you around!

6 comments on “Color Studies in Growth & Firelight”

  1. Thanks for sharing more of your “yard museum.” I think it’s great! I’m so sad about the fires. Just the smoke is dangerous. Stay well.

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  2. Thanks, B! The fires are mother nature’s rage shining forth– humans are really testing the boundaries now, though Western life has been for a while.

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  3. Hi Borkali! I don’t know if it’s my mood today or what but that Martian sky combined with the lush foliage seems to be stating what gets to survive…leaving little faces peeking out (the skull and the panda).

    “Today has been cancelled” takes on all kinds of meaning. Those plugs under it look like a commentary on a defunct species’ intentions (to be wired, to be “hot”). Ash and debris seem to be covering over history. Brings to mind that scene from the original Planet of the Apes when the doll cries out.

    Thanks for presenting this opportunity to take my brain for a walk. 🙂

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  4. Oh, borkali, I love seeing the evolution of the color studies; the way they seem to be going back to ground, back to the source; the beauty brought forth in their neglect. They become a part of this verdant landscape with a hundred stories within them.

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