Hell is a Very Small Place


I was able to get this from the Woodland Public Library and am better for having read this challenging, impossible book. So much sadness, so much pain is in nearly every page.

The book is about solitary confinement and most of the essays are written by prisoners. Themes across the essays include– denial of freedom, human rights violations by guards, toxic language and screaming 24/7 which results in a total lack of sleep, despair and hopelessness, mental illness, people in cages. People craving outside air.

A hard read, but well worth your time.

3 comments on “Hell is a Very Small Place”

  1. Oh, borkali, this must have been brutal. Can’t imagine what it took to make it through this book. When my nephew was in prison, he ended up in solitary a couple of times, for 30 days. Unimaginable. We spoke often when he was in prison and when I spoke with him after he was released from solitary, all I could do was weep when I got off the phone. He was a different person – frightened, confused, unintelligible. It was not a good thing. It was in no way rehabilitative. it was cruel and painful and counter productive. This practice should be abolished, yesterday.

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    1. Amen sister J – I cannot begin to articulate my disgust for the “criminal justice” in America — we’ve done a fine job of showing our true colors when it comes to our treatment of the fellow human.

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