Smacznego – A Polish Tasting Menu


Now that we’re back to Open Arts I felt this meal was worth sharing. Kamil and I have a fantasy of creating a restaurant called smacznego, which in English translates to enjoy your meal. Bon appétit. Yesterday we served the tasting menu to some friends safely outside on a sunny Sunday. In recent iterations, I’ve even added on the polski sklep, which means Polish store, where you can buy ingredients to make bigos, which we served yesterday. Bigos is a dish that uses fermented cabbage, dried fruit, dried mushrooms, pork, kiełbasa, allspice, tomato paste, other magic. You’ll have to stop by the polski sklep to get the recipe. We made three kinds of pierogi, the fillings include: 1) ruski – potato, onion and white cheese, 2) kapustą i z grzybami – fermented cabbage and mushroom, 3) mięsem – meat. We had kiełbasa, sausage, accompanied with ćwikła, grated beets and horseradish, as well as ajvar, a spicy red pepper spread. We also served barszcz, which is a beet soup, strained such that you can drink it from a mug. Keeps you warm. We had some Russian cookies for dessert – we did not make them. It was a delicious Sunday! Homemade wine, too. Cheers to Open Arts!

5 comments on “Smacznego – A Polish Tasting Menu”

  1. Our mutual friend, Neill, loves to cook. During COVID, he started cooking with an old friend online. They explore a new recipe together. They do prep together, take a break from the computer while things are cooking, then eat together. Others got word, and now he’s done it with his family who live out of town and with small groups at the church as part of lent–people were asked to share their gifts. He’s in demand! I’m sure he’d love to cook with you, as would many others. I love the eating part! He brings me leftovers. Wish I has some of yours!

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    1. That’s so great! I am doing some food related stuff on the radio lately – am thinking of sending ingredients to guests and then using that as conversation starter… 🙂

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  2. What a feast, borkali. And what a melange of flavors. No small flavors there, for sure. Would love to have been at that table. : )

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