Make Me Rain by Nikki Giovanni


I’ve read this book forward and backwards backwards and forwards at least three times. It’s lovely and gentle and dynamic– fun to read as always from Nikki G. Her face on the cover says it all. She covers some difficult topics using accessible language. If you aren’t familiar with Nikki G, this would be a very up-to-date place to start as she covers a lot of current topics.

I’ve been meaning to post about this book for a few weeks but every time I had tried I just would read it again and forget to come here. I read some to neighbor Dave yesterday along with him reading to me excerpts from Her Own Accord that is a book of essays he lent me, which I’ll carry along and read next.

2 comments on “Make Me Rain by Nikki Giovanni”

  1. How could I not love this, borkali? I love the image, love the title. Love that it pulls you in again and again and again. Will definitely need to check this out. : )

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