What’s Happening in Our Nervous Systems? Krista Tippett with Christine Runyan


I just listened to the uncut version of this interview on OnBeing. The conversation focuses on the pandemic’s impact on the nervous system and how that effects our lives. Christine Runyan is a clinical psychologist and professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She is also a certified mindfulness teacher.

This description of the interview caught my attention: “This conversation is a balm, not because it glosses over the pressures of the last year, but because it speaks to them. It makes a space between the stress and the story of the stress, and allows perspective. Listen to it, listen to it again, savor.” It was very helpful in understanding what is going on in our bodies as we all deal with the anxiety we are experiencing, to various degrees, due to COVID19. Both Runyan’s expertise and compassion truly are a balm. It’s definitely worth listening to, listening again, and savoring:


2 comments on “What’s Happening in Our Nervous Systems? Krista Tippett with Christine Runyan”

  1. Ah, another gift, Barbara. Will definitely give a listen. I love this distinction between “glossing over” and “speaking to.” Seems so obvious, and yet…

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