The local women’s shelter does a fundraising event every year. It is usually at the local downtown theater, but because of COVID, it was available virtually in 2020 and 2021. The fundraiser serves as a platform to show films made by and about women. The shorts are always wonderful. I just finished watching this year’s selections. I was so excited I wanted to share the experience. It turns out that you can sign up for viewings on Lunafest’s website: There is a fee for viewing, but the funds support both charities that benefit women and women filmmakers; the money is very well spent. You can plug in your zip code, and find out if a local group is taking part, but you can also sign up for a showing sponsored from anywhere in the country since it is virtual. I had access to the program for 24 hours–the time seems to vary with the showing you choose. I highly recommend this amazing series of shorts.

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