Less by Andrew Sean Greer


The Pulitzer Prize winning story of Arthur Less is the tale of a man about to turn fifty. His partner of the past nine years is getting married. He can’t go to the wedding–it would be too awkward. He decides to arrange an author’s trip around the world which he hopes will include a timeout to complete the novel he has been trying to finish. Our hero encounters a series of misadventures as he travels from New York City to Mexico, Italy, Germany, Morocco, India and Japan ending up back at home in California. I feel like I’ve been around the world with this lovable man who encounters mishap after comical mishap just to avoid his ex boyfriend’s wedding invitation. All this, as he copes with turning fifty along the way. The book is witty, poignant and totally delightful.

6 comments on “Less by Andrew Sean Greer”

  1. Barbara, I’ve enjoyed getting to know Sean Greer a bit by reading an interview I found. Can you imagine winning a Pulitzer Prize with your first foray into comedy? Amazing.

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    1. Teri, You inspired me to hunt for a YouTube interview with Greer. I found one that took place in the bookstore where he worked as a teen. His family, childhood friends and some of his high school teachers were in the audience. I recommend reading the book before listening to this interview. Greer is just as lovable as his fictional hero, and he’s lots of fun.

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