A Bigger Piture by Vanessa Nakate


Vanessa Nakate is a young climate activist from Uganda. When she became aware of the climate crisis and its disastrous impact upon her country, she decided she had to do something. She became internationally known at the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. She was one of five international delegates alongside Greta Thunberg. The AP printed a photo of the young delegates and cropped Nakate out of the picture. She was the only non-white delegate in the group of five. The AP’s decision highlighted the fact that activists from the Global South are erased from climate crisis conversations. A Bigger Picture is Nakate’s memoir. She tells us the story of her journey from her nation’s lone climate crisis protestor to becoming one of the most dynamic and visible young climate activists in the world. She is an inspiration and her story counters the argument that one person can’t make a difference. It was a privilege to learn about Vanessa Nakate.

4 comments on “A Bigger Piture by Vanessa Nakate”

  1. They said it was for aesthetic reasons. The building Nakate was standing if front of ruined the balance of the shot. Due to outcry, they did reprint the picture with all the activists.

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