Backyard Art Show


Yesterday I hosted an art show in the yard– rain or shine. It rained on and off throughout the day, which was better than what I had expected. I think about a dozen people came through and the afternoon turned to evening. I used my whiteboard to orient visitors and even gave one tour at the beginning. As I was talking to one friend, I told her that I think the best thing that came out of the study of the color green is Summer, the abstract migrant.




16 comments on “Backyard Art Show”

  1. I like your white boards. If I had been there I would have photographed them, printed the photographs, and added them to the studies to weather. Maybe you can do that for me?

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    1. great idea! yep i’ll do that when i’m back in the usa mid jan 😀 thanks for the suggestion– i love an art request! i don’t think i’ve ever gotten one before ❤

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      1. Teri- I printed photos of the whiteboard as well as the sculptures *before* your request that I will send you. The whiteboard photos were placed with the sculptures today and I photographed – will send updated photos soon…but first the baseline 🙂

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  2. I wish I could have been at your exhibition in person! Thanks for the photos and white board musings. I’m interested to see how the color white manifests in California. I know nature is bringing snow to Central Pennsylvania. What will your art bring to you in Davis? Keep us posted.

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  3. Well, I have cruised through this exhibit in my mind, moved a few things, pondered the effects of weather of various objects. Thank you for this experience, borkali. And yeah, the whiteboards…

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  4. Hi, Borkali! Your whiteboards invited me into the process and pieces—it’s cool pondering the “weathering process” ♥️ engaged with/to nature + how the bigger picture speaks to our human intentions (human nature) of governing other humans via the juxtaposition of The Romans “covering” Frontier Times. Ultimately, nature claims the forms through the weather. Weather humbles humans. I really enjoyed virtually viewing your backyard art show!

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