Capay Camp

Georgia Peach Pie guarding the perimeter.


Hey out there – we took a drive to neighbor Dave’s land for a camping excursion. I don’t think the dogs have ever been dirtier. Was good to get out for a bit. We came back before the heat hit yesterday and everyone is peacefully fatigued. It’s good to have Monday to chill. Hope all are doing well.

Bambi protects a sleeping camper.
Bambi on the run.
A found bird’s nest
A small patch of olive trees

6 comments on “Capay Camp”

  1. borkali, you have made my morning, my day, with these wonderful images. The dogs! Oh bliss!. They make me feel good all over. Olive trees and bird’s nests, dust and sky and distance. Ahhhh…..
    Once, about 25 years ago, when my hair was still bright red and down to my waist and I lived in the middle of nowhere, I found a tiny hummingbird nest made almost exclusively of long, red hair, with delicate lichens and dried grasses interwoven, a few flower petals. It was exquisite. I gave it to a friend who has it to this day.

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  2. That’s amazing JNaz! I love that — this little nest was so beautifully crafted. I am so impressed with the interior design 😉

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    1. Yes, the interior. On the nest that I found it was perfect, smooth and soft. The ornamentation was all on the outside! Go figure. An aesthetics?

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